Blueprint pattern  can be useful on icons, construction mock-ups, logo presentations, ui/ux work, websites or just on anything you can think of. Made by
by Hadry Younes.

This Pack includes :
- 1 PSD file contains the perfect way to use the blueprint pattern + useful color palette.
- 1 Photoshop pixel perfect pattern (.Pat) file, ready to be installed.
- 1 Photoshop pixel perfect style (.ASL) file, ready to be installed.

You can use this pack for both personal and commercial use, but you may not sell any part of this pack without my consent..


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Strap this to your back and lift off.

Zip Contents

  1. Read me.txt
  2. Pixelperfect_Blueprint.psd
  3. Blueprint pattern.pat
  4. Blueprint style.asl


This post is by Casey Spitnale
Casey Spitnale runs Pixel and owns a design agency named Voom. He lives in Defiance, Ohio. He enjoys wood burning and farming in his spare time.