Despite Samsung’s aggressive market penetration strategies, Apple remains an unmistakable force in the hand-held digital devices market. However, as you are aware, Apple has offered some product adaptation in response to the demands of price-sensitive consumer segments. Consequently, when Apple decided to launch iPhone 5s last year, they also rolled out a relatively cheaper version of their phone, named iPhone 5c. For mobile app developers, the two phone versions are precisely the same, as they support the same hardware features. For designers however, things can be a little tricky. The reason: the two phones look different. The cheaper version, 5c, which is marketed by Apple as a phone , u"’": ufor the colorful’, comes in an array of expressive and vibrant colors. We have already shared a with you Flat iPhone 5S Psd Vector Mockup. Keeping in view the different look of iPhone 5c, we decided to design another flat iPhone 5c mockup template PSD for the designers out there. The distinctive 5C borders are easily recognizable. Just like the iPhone 5s version, you can use this flat template design as a mockup frame for any iPhone app. Add a little bit of those expressive 5c colors to the borders to make your app give the exact visual look that complements your app design.

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