Vector Bats is one of the symbols of Halloween, you can see its silhouette almost in every design related to this holiday. People using bat shapes to make creative flyers, masks, costumes ets. Here is my vector clipart of 41 different bats, some of them was traces from photos, other just hand drawn experiments. You are welcome to use this bat clip art free for any purposes, including commercial use. Bat - an animal with diverse symbolic meaning. In Western countries, bats felt weird creatures that supposedly caught in human hair. This view contributed information about blood-sucking bats - vampire from South America. Also in Europe harmless insectivorous bats were seen as creatures that cause fear. In the fine art of the devil as a fallen angel, depicted with the wings of a bat, like a beast, obscures the light. All sorts of demonic creatures also presented with this attribute, such as personalized envy (Invidiya), which is not often dare to appear during the day. The bats are almost always present in the images coven. In other cultures, bats have a more positive reputation. Maya of Central America under the name of their revered as a god-Tsotts defender, especially in the tribal Tsottsil. However, in the myth Kvihe Maya meets , u"”": udecapitated bat” as the animal underworld. In ancient China, the bat is considered a symbol of happiness above all because of harmonies of the title (fu) with the word happiness. Five bats also meant many benefits, namely: longevity, wealth, health, virtue and natural death. Often portrayed the good wizards, releasing the vessel from five bats. Bringing happiness were regarded as red bats, whose color was supposed to frighten away demonic forces. October 31st, has roots in some religious celebrations such as the Anglo-Saxon’s Winterfylleth, the Christian holiday of All Saints or the Celtic festival of Samhain. Nowdays it’s the time when devils, ghosts, orks, witches, and other creatures will be walking in the darkness in your neighborhood in search of , u"”": uTricks” or , u"”": uTreats.” There will be lots of Halloween parties in bars and clubs and I more then sure that designer will need some halloween clip art to create posters, flyers and other prints. You are welcome to use it for any kinds of prints for Halloween event, making t-shirt design, graphic work (logo, business card, website etc), scrapbooking, CD and DVD covers, book Illustrations. Package, fabric or fashion design. You may be interested in this illustration vector mass bat IMPORTANT INFO FOR BLOGERS! If you are going to share this vector pack, your should insert direct link to this page, and make link text the same as title of this post

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