So, I have been working on a few design ideas of mine. One of which is the highly anticipated (by myself) redesign of Komodo Media. I gotta tell you, I am a little scared. So many of you loved this design that it seems to me that it might fall in the dreaded sequel category. You know, just like the movies where the first is so utterly killah that you can�t seem to ever fall in love with the next. Case in point: The Matrix. But what can you do? I can�t very well sit in silence thinking in rosy retrospection of my past design and fail to dream again. No, I will not. I must move on.So, Komodo Media will be coming out with a design that I love and I hope you will too. I have spent many hours tweaking and perfecting this design in Fireworks till Lord only knows when and how long. Anyhoo, enough about my design, for that is not my purpose today. My purpose is to give you people out there a little help in your design world by giving you a little gift. A gift which I have poured my heart i

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